Roarke Well Drilling History

Roarke Well Drilling History

A Family Tradition of Excellence

William J. Roarke made is debut in the water well drilling industry in the 1930’s. While working on a farm, a driller passing through the area had broken down and took a job drilling a water well at the farm. Bill watch intensely and began helping that driller. He took a liking to it immediately and within 6 months was running his own machine. In 1947, Bill started his own company, then called Harriman Water Well Drilling and then became Roarke Well Drilling soon after. William Roarke worked hard to provide quality water to local homes and businesses. Bill kept accurate well logs of every well he drilled. The filing cabinets are overflowing with well logs dating back to the first well he drilled.

During some slow times in the 40’s and early 50’s, Bill went overseas to work as a foreman on drill crews. He was in charge of as many as 10 drill crews at the same time. He had worked in Africa, Greece, Alaska mostly drilling blast holes to build breakwaters.

Business continued to grow and in the late 1970’s, Grandson Chuck Crover started learning the business. Chuck attended seminars on well drilling, well pumps, geo-thermal wells, water treatment, well development and went to college for Business Management.

In 1982 Chuck became a partner and is now operating the business. Bill passed away September 29, 2001. His expertise and wisdom will certainly be missed. Chuck and his wife Mary continue to grow Roarke Well Drilling, Inc. into the future. With the help of well-trained employees, Roarke Well Drilling is known throughout the area as one of the best. Roarke Well Drilling, Inc. is proud to have so many general contractors as loyal customers for 25 to 30 years or more.

Roarke Well Drilling is proud be providing quality water wells and pump systems for nearly 70 years.

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