Well Development Hydro Fracking Orange County Rockland County NY

Well Development Hydro Fracking Orange County Rockland County NY

Increase Your Well Water Yields with Hydro-Fracking Orange County Rockland County NY

Hydrofracking or Hydro-Frac®, is a process used by Roarke Well Drilling to help homeowners increase well water yields in new wells with low production rates and can also be used in older wells where the production rate has slowed because of mineralization blocking water producing fractures.

The Well Development Hydro Fracking Hydro-Frac® process involves injecting water, under high pressure, into the bedrock through your well. The process works to flush and remove small particles and rock fragments from existing bedrock. This clears and increases the bedrock fractures and allows water to flow into the well. It also helps produce a larger network of water-bearing fractures in the bedrock. This process helps improve the quantity of water supplied to your well and your home.

The Hydrofracking or Hydro-Frac® process has a national average of 95% success, making it the most effective well development tool available. Typically, well yields after hydrofracking will improve by .5 – 5 GPM or more.

How the Well Development Hydro Fracking/ Hydro-Frac® Process Works

The Hydrofracking or Hydro-Frac® process involves setting the packer below the casing into bedrock, at a minimum of 60 feet below surface. This seals the well and prevents surface contamination.

A high volume of water is pump into well at pressures of up to 3000 pounds per square inch. This process of high volume and pressure opens up the clogged bedrock fissures and increases water volume and flow.

Well Development Hydro Fracking Orange County Rockland County NY

If you are thinking about having your well-water volume increased, call Roarke Well Drilling at (845) 783-9355 or click here for our contact form. Our professionals will analyze your situation and determine if hydrofracking is right for you.

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